The Warkworth Show
at Warkworth Castle
First Time Entrant?
an easy guide to help you · Browse through the schedule and, when you’ve decided which classes you’d like to enter, fill in the appropriate entry form. · If you have any questions or require any help relating to entering into the Horticultural or Industrial classes of the show please contact the relavent Chairman or secretary. Contact details can be found on page 8 · Fill out the form and email, post it or drop it in to the appropriate Secretary’s house (see entry forms) by the due date and with the correct entry money. If you need more entry forms, it is acceptable to copy the details down on paper. Alternatively, email your entry to the appropriate Secretary (see entry forms) except for Writing and Junior Writing classes. · As Show Day approaches, sort out your entries by putting a class number label on each one (children’s entries also need a label stating their age and/or school year). · On Show Day, arrive early before 9.00am - at the marquee and look for the Secretary. (Horticultural entries will be at the East end of the marquee, Industrial at the West). She/he will give you an envelope that will contain your personal numbers which enable your exhibit to be identified after judging is carried out. Please note that fees for entries submitted by email must be paid when you collect your envelope and before staging your exhibits. · Attach one of these numbers to each exhibit. It doesn’t matter which of these numbers you attach to which exhibit, they’re all identified as your unique numbers. Then place your exhibit in the class areas marked out on the tables. There’ll be lots of help around if you need it. Exhibits must be staged by 9.45am. · In your envelope will also be a claim form to fill in later if you win a prize, and also a Lifting Card that enables you to collect your exhibits at the end of the day. Keep these safely! · Prize money can be collected by filling in the claim form and presenting it at the appropriate Prize Claim Payout Point in the marquee on Show Day between 15.15 and 16.15 hours. Good Luck!