The Warkworth Show
at Warkworth Castle
Aims and Rules
1. The Society shall be known as the Warkworth Show, and shall consist of Patron, President, Chairman, Honorary Vice- Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Friends.There will be a Horticultural Committee and an Industrial Committee. Committee members shall be deemed to have resigned if they fail to attend over a period of two years. 2. The objects of the Society shall be the promotion and development of the skills which are identified by the classes published in the Show Schedule, by holding shows, competitions, lectures and discussions. 3. Village members may purchase pre-paid tickets at a concessionary price, with the option of a Schedule. 4. Entry forms must be sent with fees or emailed to the appropriate Secretary not later than the Wednesday prior to Show Day.Fees for emailed entries must be paid on Show day before exhibits are staged. Entries for Writing and Junior Writing classes should be submitted not later than the Saturday prior to Show Day. 5. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PER CLASS is allowed, except where otherwise stated in the schedule. (MEA) 6. Any article previously entered in Warkworth Show which has not won a prize may be re-entered for competition. No exhibit which has previously won a prize can be entered again. 7. Each horticultural exhibitor shall, if required, on the day of the Show sign a declaration that the specimens he/she claims to exhibit for prizes have been in his/her possession for at least two months prior to the Show. All work entered into Industrial Classes must be entirely the work of the entrant. 8. All exhibitors must leave the marquee by 09.45 hours to allow judging to commence. 9. Each exhibit must bear its class and exhibitor's number. 10. Where there are less than 3 entries in a class, prizes will be awarded at the judges’ discretion. 11. The judges shall have the power to withhold any prize for an exhibit not worthy of a place. Vegetables should be fit for table use. 12. THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES IS FINAL. 13. Every care will be taken with exhibits, but the Society will not be responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits. 14. To claim prize money, exhibitors must fill in the claim form and hand it in at the appropriate Prize Claim Payout Point in the marquee on Show Day between 15.15 and 16.30 hours. 15. Exhibits must not under any circumstances be collected before 16.50 hours. Only holders of ‘Lifting Tickets’ may collect their exhibits. 16. Any complaints and protests must be made in writing and lodged with the Secretary on Show Day, and must be accompanied by a deposit of 25p. The deposit is to be returned if the protest be affirmed. 17. In horticulture classes, exhibitors must provide their own stands, vases, bowls, etc. (unless specified). Bottles and jars will be disqualified. 18. In craft classes: All entries in knitting must be done by hand. Articles must not be washed or dry-cleaned. Soiled articles are liable to disqualification. 19. In Cookery, all cakes may be cut in judging.