The Warkworth Show
COVID’S CREATIVE CHALLENGES 2021 As in 2020, a second Warkworth Show Virtual Exhibition is being organised and to help its success – and relieve some of the boredom of Covid restrictions – you are invited to demonstrate your creativity and commitment to the Show by taking part in this year’s Challenges. One challenge is set for each week in June. When you have completed the challenge, send a photo of your entry to . It is open to all ages and you can enter either as an individual or as a group. There are no prizes but all entries will be uploaded to the Warkworth Show Facebook page where visitors to the page can “like” the entries and the entry with the most “likes” will be highlighted. Now, isn’t that better than a cash prize? You don’t even need to have a camera. If you are not able to photograph or upload your entries, then please phone Catherine Dowlen (the Show Secretary) on 01665 713709 and she will help you – whilst still maintaining social distancing of course. One “rule” that we didn’t have last year! Each challenge has a deadline for uploading entries. Please respect that to ensure that the Show’s able band of helpers isn’t overwhelmed by the sheer number of entries all arriving at once – or trying to work out which photo represents which challenge. So here we go! Week 1: Submission dates between 3rd and 9th June 2021 Create an image of a landscape, using natural and recycled materials Week 2: Submission dates between 10th and 16th June 2021 Create a flag for Warkworth Village, incorporating sights which you feel epitomise the Village. The flag with the most “likes” will be made into a real flag and flown at the 2022 Warkworth Show. Week 3: Submission dates between 17th and 23rd June 2021 Collect as great a variety of leaves as possible and arrange them into a gorgeous pattern (using up to 100 leaves). Week 4: Submission dates between 24th and 30th June 2021 What does the Warkworth Show mean to you? Create a word map of what you value about the Show. Have fun!